Meet the ANC 5A Commissioners

Claudia Barragan Commissioner 5A06 Email:

Claudia Barragan is an environmental policy and urban planning practitioner with extensive experience, providing technical community planning services in the public and private sectors. A first-generation immigrant, from Bolivia living in the district for 25 years. Holds degrees in Humanities and Architecture and a Master’s in environmental policy from American University. She has over two decades of local and regional working experience in the private and public sector as part of Urban Planning and Development consulting teams, with clients including the DC office of Planning, DHS/GSA, Universities/Colleges, private sector developers and non-profits. Her projects include developing master plans like the Brookland/CUA small area plan, UDC campus, National Harbor, Montgomery College, among others. She is the sole planner to work on both St Elizabeth’s West and East Campuses; implementing NEPA/EIA and historic preservation planning. She has developed expertise in policy making using data-driven socioenvironmental assessments to address the absence of justice and equity in sustainable development. Currently she works for councilmember Trayon White Sr. specializing in urban development policies in the service of the great ward 8. Recent accomplishments include writing and passing of 6 bills and delivering the most amendments in the Comp Plan Framework Element. She lives in Pleasant Hills, with her husband Jose, a dog and two cats. When she is not at community meetings, she is at home upcycling furniture or doing something creative.

Commissioner 5A06

Emily Singer Lucio Commissioner ANC 5A03

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Grace J. Lewis | Commissioner, ANC 5A02 | Email:

North Michigan Park has been my home since 1976. I currently serve in the following positions.  

  • President, North Michigan Park Civic Association (35 Years)

  • District of Columbia Commission on Aging

  • District of Columbia Democratic State Committee - Ward 5 Committee Woman

  • Seabury of Directors

  • Ward 5 Democrats, Financial Secretary

  • Treasurer, Councilmember Anita Bonds Citizens Outreach Fund



  • Retired Administrator District of Columbia Public Schools 

  • Graduate, Virginia Union University

  • Notary

  • Member, Mount. Pleasant Baptist Church

  • Recipient of more than 125 honors and awards

  • Assistant to General Secretary, Progressive National Baptist Convention 1995-2001

  • Office Manager, ANC5A 2001- 2005

Ronnie Edwards | Commissioner, ANC 5A05 | Email:

Ronnie Edwards has served as a community activist in various capacities since the early 80s. He served as president of both the LeDroit Park Civic Association and the Northwest Boundary Civic Association. During the late 80s early 90s when drugs and crime were increasingly threatening neighborhoods across the City, he was instrumental in helping to organize "Orange Hat Patrols" forming the first patrol group on Shepherd Street in the Petworth neighborhood working with the police department to stand up and fight for safe, drug free neighborhoods. He was elected as the President of the citywide DC Federation of Civic Association, representing over 60 Civic Associations across the City, and during that time was instrumental in organizing and becoming elected as the President of the Metropolitan Council of Civic Presidents (organized Civic Associations throughout the Washington Metropolitan area – DC, Maryland and Virginia). In 2007 he was elected as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner representing ANC 5C11 (representing Park Place, Cloisters and Trinity Square in the Bookland neighborhood), and on January 18, 2011 was elected as Chairman of ANC 5C, representing 12 Single-Member Districts within Ward 5 (Bates, Bloomingdale, Brookland, Catholic University, Eckington, Edgewood, Hanover, and Truxton Circle). In 2012 following redistricting he was elected 5A05 Commissioner and was immediately elected as Chairman of ANC 5A (Brookland, Fort Totten, Lamond-Riggs, Michigan Park, North Michigan Park, Queens Chapel), and has remained Chairman since that time. On September 7, 2017 Commissioner Edwards was elected Vice Chairman of the DC Democratic Party.


Commissioner Edwards is a Vietnam Era Veteran, serving approximately eight (8) years in the US Army, including an assignment in the 8th Infantry Division, in Baumholder, Germany. He received formal training as a Legal Assistant at United States Military-7th Army Combined Armed Forces Training Center in Indianapolis, IN and worked as a Legal Clerk in the Staff Judge Advocates Office for a Special Court-Martial Jurisdiction Commander. He specializes in providing support for EEO and Affirmative Action Law receiving training with the National Association for Affirmative Action, and the National Career Development Institute. Commissioner Edwards also attended the University of Maryland.

In 2013 he was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development (the Department), and reappointed in 2014 by Mayor Muriel Bowser, current Mayor of Washington, DC, a position he has served in for the last 3 ½ years. He previously worked in the Department more than nine (9) years starting as an Investigator, Certification Specialist, Chief of Certification and Compliance, and two (2) temporary appointments as Interim-Director during the Mayoral transitions of the late Honorable Mayor’s Marion Barry and the Honorable Mayor Anthony Williams. The Department has a $21M Budget and is responsible for ensuring citywide compliance for approximately 88 government agencies with a total citywide budget of $15B.

Following separation from military service in 1979 he was immediately hired by the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) as an Investigator for the Employment Litigation Section, Civil Rights Division investigating state and local governments for discrimination in the delivery of basis services. He has also served as Civil Rights Program Manager for three (3) of the largest economic development projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area over the last 30 years: Development and Expansion of the Washington National Airport, Design and Build of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge ($2.4B), and expansion of the District of Columbia’s Metrorail System to the Dulles International Airport ($2.6B). Throughout his career, he has been committed to fighting for neighborhoods and communities and ensuring that small, minority and women owned businesses receive their fair share of billions of federally mandated dollars in contracts and subcontracts. He has over 35 years of experience holding state and local governments, government agencies, contractors and developers accountable.


Commissioner Edwards lives in Washington DC where he currently serves as a six-term elected Commissioner, three (3) term Chairman, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A along with his lovely wife, Virginia and two (2) of four (4) children.

Gordon-Andrew Lee Fletcher, Esq | Commissioner, ANC 5A08 | Email:

ANC Commissioner Gordon-Andrew Lee Fletcher, Esq. represents Single Member District (SMD) 5A08.  Commissioner Fletcher has a unique SMD in Ward 5, because it sits on Federal Land with Fort Totten Park, includes many longtime single family homes, and a plethora of new development such as Art Place at Fort Totten and Fort Totten Mews. Mr. Fletcher has always exemplified a steadfast belief in helping others and giving back to his community.  His ethical motto is Unity, Collaboration, and Accountability.  Gordon-Andrew is devoted to public service, and is mission driven towards unifying the community by bridging the gap between gentrification and the long standing citizens of Ward 5.


In the community, Gordon-Andrew has been very active with innumerable endeavors, to include, serving as a member of the Vice Chair of the Black Alumni Association at American University, Co-Chair and Parliamentarian for the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association, and performing various acts of volunteer work within Riggs Park and throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Gordon-Andrew continues to represent true community involvement through his dedicated participation within community, state-side, and academic leadership collaborations.


Gordon-Andrew moved to the District of Columbia in 2002.  He completed his undergraduate studies at American University, and will graduate from American University in December 2017 with a MS in Public Administration & Policy. While being back at American University, he had the honor to serve as the 2016/2017 Graduate Student Body President, where he ensured a pronounced graduate school experience for over 3,600 students. Two of his most noteworthy accomplishments were creating the first ever Graduate Student Showcase, which would highlight the amazing research being done by graduate students at American, and the Diversity Hotline Project, which gave all students on AU’s campus a safe space to express their opinions and concerns.  He is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc., and Board Member of the Kappa Chi Foundation. He also serves as Marketing Director for Merlin Legal's LSAT & SAT Prep Courses, and teaches Repeat Bar Takers how to successfully pass the Bar Exam.


Gordon-Andrew Lee Fletcher is an attorney, who graduated from the historic Florida A & M University College of Law in 2010, where he served as the first Graduate Senator of Florida A & M University representing the College of Law.  Gordon-Andrews parents are Dr. Sharilyn Fletcher who is Dean of Academics at Hyde Leadership Charter School in Bronx, New York, and his father Mr. Henry Fletcher, is a retired Crisis Intervention Officer in Hawthorne, NY and a former Jamaican Police Officer.

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